At REVOUT we have been distributing a range of 1000+ quality scooter tuning parts for more than twenty years in Russia.

From two-stroke to four-stroke.

From carburetor screws and needles to performance cylinders and exhausts.

From the tiniest 50cc scooters of 1980s to the mighty 500cc MAXes of today.

At REVOUT we have partnered with some of the most recognized and successful businesses in performance scooter parts industry, such as:

At REVOUT we have served thousands of customers in Russia with scooter parts.

Including customers from the most remote federal subjects like Sakhalin, Kamchatka, and Chukotka.

Hundreds of our customers have shared their experience through social media at

Polini carburator and air filter
Yamaha Vino scooter with performance exhaust system
Malossi springs and bearings; Athena seals; Polini jets; Jasil variator rollers; SKF bearings

At Copy?INFO@REVOUT.RU you are welcome to reach us with your messages.

Please, keep in mind that after 2022 invasion to Ukraine, business activity in Russia is on hold.

The history of REVOUT roots back to 2001. Some lucky Moscow scooterists of the time already owned European scooters like Derbi, Gilera, Malaguti, Piaggio, and Yamaha. But availability of quality spare parts, let alone performance ones, was a disaster. After we found ways to get the parts for ourselves, we thought about getting them for others as well. This became our motto for the years to come: just quality — no crap!

2002. This year has an easily traceable history mark for us. The 7th of February 2002 — on this day our domain name REVOUT.RU was registered. Easy to confirm with any domain checker service. Immediately after, we started our first collaboration with a European supplier. It was a well known German retailer and distributor — Scooter-Attack.

2003. The collaboration with multi-brand supplier let us offer wide choice of parts to our customers. Mostly, we worked with preorders, since the market was unpredictable. By the end of the year we already had one more collaboration with an iconic German distributor. This time it was SIP Scootershop.

2004. We rented our first shop room in Moscow on Gilyarovskogo street. Back then customers still had trust issues with e-shops. The place “to come and see everything” helped to overcome this, even though the space was tiny — about 10m².

2005. Beginning of the year was marked with a new web-site which better suited the trends of time and allowed us to post new content easier. The team got a new partner whose vision, experience, and confidence helped to expand. We moved to a new retail space of around 40m² on Krzhizhanovskogo street in Moscow.

2006. Another change was our coverage of scooter models by Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha, imported to Russia from Japan domestic market. Earlier we were focused on European market models. Though we drastically extended or stock with the first direct deliveries from Malossi and Tecnigas, the year felt turbulent. Ups and downs. Some days we had exceptional sales, while some other — almost none. Lots of our efforts didn’t bring results as soon as we would expect.

2007. In Spring we were forced to move to another space. This time it was around 80m² on a basement floor of a small shopping mall on Leningradsky avenue in Moscow. Our direct collaborations extended to more Italian manufacturers, allowing to widen our product range with Athena, DR, Polini, and Top Performances parts.

2008. Our stock of parts extended even further with Italian Leovince exhausts and Portuguese Jasil crankshafts (branded Top Racing at the time). Global financial crisis affected Russian currency, prices went up, but the market accepted it surprisingly calm.

2009. Induced by the financial crisis or some other reasons unknown, huge delays with both transport and customs marked most of the year. So many parts were out of stock, that customers gossiped about our coming closure. While in fact, we were again forced to change location. Luckily, there was a suitable space in a neighbor shopping mall, so we moved swiftly.

2010. A new transport contractor helped us with reliability of deliveries, while a new bank helped us with better financing. No wonder, our sales improved noticeably over the previous year.

2011. As proverb says, no news is good news. We just worked as a fine tuned reliable engine all season long.

2012. The Winter time made us think of ways to improve off-season sales. The season itself was pretty solid, but at the end of it we were again forced to change location. This time we moved to a space on Komdiva Orlova street in Moscow. Simultaneously, we got POS-terminal and started taking MC/Visa card payments in our shop.

2013. Much improved product range together with a new discount system let us have a noticeably better off-season. Another long awaited success was a direct collaboration with the iconic Spanish manufacturer of exhaust systems — Yasuni. And our first visit to EICMA — an annual fair in Milan connecting two-wheel professionals from all over the World.

2014. In the middle of this year a sketch of our new logo was born. It was inspired by welded conical shapes of 2-stroke performance exhaust systems. But it also resembled a well known palm gesture, showing how we treated some awful aggressive events of that time. The color was symbolic as well — bright orange!

2015. A batch of stickers with our new logo was printed to be gifted with every purchase from us. Direct collaboration with Italian Dellorto extended our stock of carburetors and spare parts, including the smallest ones, like jets, needles, gaskets, screws, etc. After 5+ years of background search and experiments on a solution for a web-shop, we finally found a suiting one. Our plan was to start the web-shop right after the New Year.

2016. And so we did! The web-shop allowed customers to real-time check both availability for all parts and precise costs for a variety of shipping options. Another visit to EICMA extended our collaboration to Italian manufacturer of Giannelli performance exhausts.

2017. As expected, the web-shop boosted our sales, but in terms of deliveries this year reminded us of 2009. Several cargos were seriously delayed by transport contractors. This misbalanced our stock and sales for the most of the year. Sadly, some worst things in Russia don’t change for decades!

2018. Delivery delays were left back in 2017, things settled. Our web-shop clearly lacked some additional payment options, and this was the time to fix it. So we did. Surprisingly, lots of customers still preferred “the old ways” at first.

2019. Nevertheless, future always wins. Each year web orders further prevailed over in-store ones and new payment options — over the old ones. This year we extended our shipping options with some cheaper ones. Also we started a long-term promotion, granting free delivery even on small orders across Russia. Orders were coming from all regions of Russia, including the most remote ones.

2020. Absolutely unprofessional COVID management in Russia forced us to close our show-room for visitors and completely switch to e-sales. Our existing framework suited COVID times and didn’t require much adjustment. We handled the challenge well. It was a pity to miss EICMA which was cancelled for the year.

2021. The further COVID mess in Russia proved that our decision to concentrate on e-sales had been a right choice. We sticked to it and had another year of solid results.

2022. Having benefited from these results, we started to prepare for the Summer season earlier than usual. By February our deliveries from key partners were already arranged. What happened next, is still hard to believe. The invasion to Ukraine led to absolute restriction on direct supplies of quality parts from Europe. While so called “parallel import” made retail prices several times higher. Considering the circumstances, we decided to take a break and wait till the future wins over the past. Like it always does!